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Since October 1, 2019, the Institute of Classics has combined the traditional Institutes for Ancient History, Archaeology and Classical Philology as well as the Centre for Classics, which was created to accommodate comprehensive research projects in 2010. From the emergence of early civilisations in the Mediterranean and the Middle East to the fall of the Roman Empire, classical antiquity in its geographical, historical, cultural, literary and linguistic diversity, is seen at the University of Graz as a holistic space in which the foundations were laid for European culture ‒ thus essentially for the modern world. Neighbouring and subsequent cultures and the reception of the classics are also integrated into this research focus.

The curricula for the bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes in Ancient History and Classical Antiquities, Archaeology and Classical Philology are tailored to the current requirements of the job market and continuously updated, supplemented by the Teacher Training Programme that is offered for the school subjects Greek and Latin. The Doctoral Programme Ancient Cultures of the Mediterranean combines all three subject areas on an interdisciplinary basis and is further closely connected with biblical studies, theology and Roman Law.



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