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Celtic Divine Names in Latin Inscriptions of the Military Zone in Germania Superior on the Left Bank of the River Rhine. Religious Phenomena in a Cultural Contact Zone

FWF-project P 34422 G stand-alone project (2021-2024)

Project lead: Wolfgang Spickermann

Project team: Werner Petermandl, Verena Reiter, Isabell Tscheinig

Project homepage

As a continuation of the FWF-project, “Celtic Divine Names in the Inscriptions of the Roman Province Germania Inferior. A Case Study on Religion in the Context of Cultural Contacts and Cultural Transfer” (P 29274-G25), the new project will focus on the military zone in Germania Superior on the left bank of the river Rhine, where a similar population structure can be observed. Thus, it is intended that the results so far achieved be verified, investigated more thoroughly and added to.

The work of the project will be divided in two parts. Part one will comprise the compilation and new edition of all the relevant inscriptions and will be freely available online. Part two will be provided in print. It will contain a detailed presentation of each Celtic divine name in the study area, as well as an analysis of all those Celtic divine names, particularly focusing on sociocultural aspects and aspects of the history of mentalities concerning religion in cultural contact zones

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